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Fertility Program

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Shared Journey Fertility Program

Mercier Therapy is part of a holistic program offered called The Shared Journey Fertility Program. 

 In September 2012, Dr. Merciér, completed a four year, evidence-based study that demonstrated an 83% success rate within one year of finishing The Shared Journey Fertility Program™. 

 The abstract entitled: Mercier Therapy Helps Infertile Women Achieve Pregnancy was published in the Spring 2013 edition of the Midwifery Today journal. The Shared Journey Fertility Program can be used as a stand alone natural therapy or as an adjunct to other assisted reproductive technology. The fertility program is unlike other fertility services in that it is purely holistic and natural. 

 There are no medications used and no negative side effects.   

Shared Journey Fertility Program ™

This is a gentle and very effective approach to a conscious conception. The program was developed by midwife, naturopathic doctor and massage therapist Jennifer Mercier, PhD.

The Shared Journey Fertility Program can be used as a stand alone natural therapy or as an adjunct to other assisted reproductive technology.

Medically Assisted Reproduction &  Shared Journey Fertility program:

An IVF cycle can be very costly, rigorous and physically tiring. There are some who will need to endure more than one IVF cycle to achieve a pregnancy; therefore, Jennifer Mercier developed the Shared Journey Fertility Program so that you are able to help limit the number of cycles. Our therapy protocol is started and finished prior to the stimulation portion of a medically assisted cycle. No work will be done during stim because it could disrupt the process and over stimulate the ovaries causing your cycle to be cancelled. Therefore, making your appointment well in advance of your cycle start is advised. If time is limited than we can wrap up the Shared Journey program within a 3-4 day weekend. Our goal is to help you physically and emotionally so you will enter your cycle with a healthy environment within your pelvis to ensure a successful first IVF cycle.

Many women choose the Shared Journey Fertility Program as a stand alone regime for many reasons. For some the reasons are the costs for IUI& IVF . There are also those who would prefer an all natural approach to conception. No matter your choice you’ll always have our support.

The Shared Journey Program looks like this:

In your first visit we will discuss what the program entails. You will receive a comprehensive history and evaluation of your pelvic organs and hip/lower back mobility. This consultation takes approximately 2 hours

The second visit will start the Shared Journey Fertility Program. The visit will be approximately 90 minutes -2hrs. 

You will begin your first pelvic therapy treatment. At this time we will also schedule your

therapy sessions, so please bring your calendar.

We will be teaching you how to monitor your cycles. You are encouraged to become educated and better understand your body's rhythm. We also encourage you to purchase the Clear Blue ovulation predictor strips with the smiley face. We feel they are the most accurate.

You are never alone in this process….we are always there to answer questions and walk with you through the entire process to a happy and healthy conception.