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 My goal is to serve women of all ages who are searching for a natural approach to health and wellness.  

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Upcoming Events

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Free Film Screening 

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Documentary film highlighting infertility in America and how Mercier therapy and the Shared Journey Fertility Program has helped many women achieve pregnancy.

For more information visit http://merciermovie.com

Excerpt from Mercier Movie website:

"We at Mercier Therapy realized the need to share this information amongst women with fertility challenges. It has become the mission of Jennifer Mercier to serve as many women in the most safe and gentle way concerning their fertility care. While some cases need the assistance of medicine this simply is not true for all cases. The less invasive approach is the best choice for the future health of mom and eventually baby."

Preconception Health & Wellness Class

Private and group classes to help you prepare your body for conception. Whether or not you are struggling with your fertility, this class will provide you with all the information you need to get your body, mind and spirit in an healthy state for new life to begin. You will receive information about Mercier Therapy, nutrition, supplements, herbs and essential oils. You will also learn meditations for stress reduction & exercises that enchance your fertility.

Essential Oils for Women's Health

 Learn how essential oils can help regulate your hormones, improve your mood, help with sleep disturbances, ease menstrual irregularities or discomforts and menopausal symptoms, enhance libido and enhance your fertility

Reiki for Women's Health

Come learn how reiki can help balance the female reproductive system.  Blockages are removed and function is enhanced.

You will receive a sample reiki session.  Class size is limited to 4